Clinical characteristics of probands grouped by genetic etiology

CharacteristicCombined KCNJ11 and ABCC86q24*Comparison of KCNJ11 and ABCC8 combined data and 6q24 patients (P value)
n (% male)25 (56)23 (53)0.94
Age at diagnosis (weeks)4 (0–16)0 (0–4)<0.001
Age at remission (weeks)35 (2–208)13 (5–60)<0.001
jAge when entering study (years)6 (0.84–17)12 (1–36)
Diabetes relapsed (n)47
Age at relapse (years)4.7 (3–15)16 (4–25)0.073
Gestation (weeks)38 (30–41)40 (36–42)0.059
Birth weight (g)2,570 (1,360–3,570)1,950 (1,600–2,670)<0.001
Centile birth weight12 (<1st to 89)<1st (<1st to 21)<0.001
  • Data are median (range), unless otherwise indicated. Comparison of probands with a KATP channel mutation (combined results) to patients with a 6q24 abnormality.

  • *

    * Data previously reported (1). Differences between groups were calculated using Mann-Whitney U and χ2 tests. Centile birth weights were calculated according to U.K. growth charts (27) because the majority of patients were of U.K. white origin.