Comparison of clinical and biochemical characteristics of patients with a KATP channel mutation diagnosed before 6 months of age with patients whose diabetes was not diagnosed before age 6 months and the number of each mutation identified within each group

CharacteristicMutation carriers diagnosed with diabetes within 6 monthsMutation carriers who did not have diabetes diagnosed within the first 6 monthsP value
n (% male)35 (51)16 (44)0.75
Probands (n)250
Age when entering study (years)6 (0.8–43)42 (5–56)
Ever diagnosed with diabetes (n)3571*10−6
Age at diagnosis (weeks)4 (0–17)1196 (260 to >2496)3.7*10−5
Diabetes remitted (n)320/73.7*10−10
Age at remission (weeks)35 (2–208)
Diabetes relapsed (n)7
Age at relapse (years)13 (3–25.5)
Birth weight (g)2,695 (1,360–3,570)2,810 (907–3,090)0.9
Gestation (weeks)39 (30–42)38 (34–40)0.74
Centile birth weight18 (<1st to 89th)15 (<1st to 79th)0.94
KCNJ11 mutations
ABCC8 mutations
  • Data are median (range), unless otherwise indicated. Differences between groups were calculated using Mann-Whitney U and χ2 tests. Percentile birth weights were calculated according to U.K. growth charts (27) because the majority of patients were of U.K. white origin.