Characteristics of aAb+ donors

Case subjectAge (years)SexBMI (kg/m2)aAb titers
HLA DQA1*-DQB1* haplotype1/ haplotype2HLA risk
Positivity for minimally two autoantibodies
Positivity for only one of the tested autoantibodies
    n = 5546 (26–60)*33/2225 (18–30)*n = 19n = 27n = 3n = 6NT
Matched aAb controls
    n = 6246 (25–60)*38/2424 (18–31)*n = 0n = 0n = 0n = 0NT
  • aAb titers are expressed as JDFU (ICA) or as percentage of tracer binding (GADA, IA2-A, and IAA); <, below cutoff value.

  • *

    * Median (range). HLA risk haplotypes in bold. N, neutral HLA-DQ genotype; NT, not tested; P, protective HLA-DQ genotype; S, susceptible HLA-DQ genotype.