Spearman correlation coefficients between fractional anisotropy and neurocognitive measurements (scores) in type 1 diabetic subjects and control subjects

Optic radiation
Posterior corona radiata
Splenium corpus callosum
Posterior body of corpus callosum
Type 1 diabetesControlType 1 diabetesControlType 1 diabetesControlType 1 diabetesControl
Rey-O copy0.10−0.100.46*−0.070.02
Grooved Peg Board, nondominant−0.66*−0.42*−0.72*−0.04−0.56*−0.20−0.32−0.60*
Grooved Peg Board, dominant−0.40*−0.39−0.70*0.09−0.48*−0.05−0.24−0.53*
  • *

    * Significantly different from zero (P < 0.05).