Implicated canonical pathways affected by altered histone H3K9me2

cDNA and CpG array
    PPAR signaling9.23E-02CREBBP, INS, CITED2, NRIP1, TNFRSF1B, MAP3K7
    Transforming growth factor-β signaling8.20E-02CREBBP, INHBA, BMP2, BMP4, MAP3K7
    NF-κB signaling5.45E-02CREBBP, INS, IRAK1, BMP2, BMP4, MAP3K7
    p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling4.76E-02ATF1, TNFRSF1B, MAP3K7
    TLR signaling4.35E-02IRAK1, MAP3K7
    IL-6 signaling4.35E-02TNFRSF1B, MAPK10, MAP3K7
    SAPK/JNK signaling2.74E-02MAPK10, MAP3K7
    WNT/β-cat signaling2.21E-02CREBBP, WNT5A, MAP3K7
Promoter tiling array
    FXR/RXR activation6.25E-02PON1, IL1A, NR1H4, RARA, IL1F10, TNF
    PPAR signaling5.26E-02SRA1, IL1A, MAP4K4, IL1F10, TNF
    Glutamate receptor signaling5.97E-02GRIN2A, CAMK4, SLC17A6, GRIK2
    IL-10 signaling5.88E-02IL1A, MAP4K4, IL1F10, TNF
    Hepatic cholestasis3.09E-02IL1A, NR1H4, RARA, IL1F10, TNF
    IL-6 signaling4.40E-02IL1A, MAP4K4, IL1F10, TNF
    LPS/IL1 inhibition of RXR function3.08E-02MGST1, SLC27A2, NR1H4, RARA, CPT1C, TNF
    NF-κB signaling3.50E-02IL1A, UBE2N, MAP4K4, IL1F10, TNF
    LXR/RXR activation3.70E-02IL1A, IL1F10, TNF
    Xenobiotic metabolism signaling2.40E-02AHRR, MGST1, SRA1, IL1A, CAMK4, TNF
    p38 MAPK signaling3.16E-02IL1A, IL1F10, TNF
    Death receptor signaling3.28E-02MAP4K4, TNF