Variation of the maximum LOD (maxLOD) between BMI and chromosome 1 and of the maximum Zlr (maxZlr) between obesity and chromosome 1 in Campora for different subpedigree sets resulting from the breaking of the 2,705-member pedigree

MaxLOD variation between BMI and chr1MaxLOD variation between obesity and chr1
Subpedigree setFamiliesPhenotyped individualsMaxLOD on chr1Subpedigree setFamiliesPhenotyped individualsMaxZlr on chr1
Set 1903332.06Set 114561.26
Set 2493012.15Set 27261.77
Set 31083112.60Set 317502.12
Set 4702892.43Set 415382.23
Set 5663043.58Set 515412.46
Set 6422673.62
Set 7923664.47
  • Data are n. Each set is characterized by the number of subfamilies and the total number of phenotyped individuals included in these families.