Variation of the maximum LOD (maxLOD) between BMI and chromosome 1 and of the maximum Zlr (maxZlr) between obesity and chromosome 1 in Gioi for different subpedigree sets resulting from breaking of the 3,750-member pedigree

Subpedigree setFamiliesPhenotyped individualsMaxLOD on chr1MaxZlr on chr1
MaxLOD variation between BMI and chr1
    Set 11124501.19
    Set 21074471.24
    Set 31054521.70
    Set 41024731.80
    Set 51114942.11
    Set 61104882.29
MaxZlr variation between obesity and chr1
    Set 122660.85
    Set 226771.06
    Set 321621.15
    Set 415411.83
    Set 522602.05
    Set 623632.25
  • Data are n. Each set is characterized by the number of subfamilies and the total number of phenotyped individuals included in these families.