Genotype frequency and incidence of CAD in the DIABHYCAR cohort

SubjectsCAD−866G>A:N (genotype frequency)A allele in a dominant model
GGGAAAUnadjusted modelAdjusted model*
HR (95% CI)P valueHR (95% CI)P value
AllYes217 (0.468)197 (0.424)50 (0.108)
No1,058 (0.398)1,230 (0.463)370 (0.139)0.88 (0.80–0.96)0.0060.87 (0.80–0.96)0.005
MenYes179 (0.480)154 (0.413)40 (0.107)
No744 (0.390)903 (0.473)261 (0.137)0.85 (0.77–0.94)0.0020.84 (0.76–0.93)0.001
WomenYes38 (0.418)43 (0.472)10 (0.110)
No314 (0.419)327 (0.436)109 (0.145)1.00 (0.82–1.24)0.981.04 (0.84–1.29)0.72
  • CAD: incident cases of myocardial infarction, CABG or sudden death. HRs for the A-allele in a dominant model (XA vs. GG) determined by Cox proportional hazards survival regression analyses. Time to event was defined either as the number of days of follow-up until the occurrence of a CAD event for subjects with CAD or as the duration of follow-up for right-censored subjects without CAD at the end of follow-up. Computations performed without adjustment for covariables or

  • * adjusted for allocation group in the original DIABHYCAR trial (drug or placebo), age, BMI, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, urinary albumin excretion, creatinine clearance, A1C, duration of diabetes, and arterial hypertension.