The SNP dbSNP IDs, gene names, physical locations, function annotations, major and minor alleles, and the relative distances of the 14 tSNPs (genotyped at stage II) in the UCP2-UCP3 gene cluster

dbSNP IDGene symbol*Physical locationFunction annotationMajor/minor alleleRelative distance (bp)§
rs637028DNAJB133′ flankingT/G(origin)
rs653263DNAJB13Exon 3His93HisC/T10099
rs622064DNAJB13Intron 3A/C1929
rs673494UCP23′ flankingC/T1162
rs655717UCP23′ flankingC/T1706
rs643064UCP23′ UTRG/A500
rs660339UCP2Exon 4Ala55ValC/T4389
rs659366UCP2Promoter−866 G/A (A: risk allele)G/A5650
rs591758UCP2–3Intergenic regionC/G3306
rs668514UCP33′ flankingC/T8454
rs647126UCP33′ UTRG/A5506
rs1800006UCP3Exon 3Tyr99TyrT/C5234
rs1800849UCP3Promoter−55 C/T (T: risk allele)C/T2911
  • * Based on NCBI Entrez database. DNAJB13, DnaJ (Hsp40) related, subfamily B, member 13; UCP2, mitochondrial, proton carrier); UCP3, mitochondrial, proton carrier.

  • Based on NM_153614 (DNAJB13), NM_003355 (UCP2), and NM_003356 (UCP3).

  • Provided only for coding SNPs (amino acid residues for the two alleles) and for SNPs in the 5′ flanking region (the nucleotide positions relative to the transcription start sites in the promoter regions are indicated).

  • § Relative distance of an SNP is defined as its physical distance with its 5′ adjacent SNP based on the contig positions of contig NT_033927.