Metabolic features of Mcp1−/− versus control mice fed a low- or high-fat diet

ParameterMcp1−/− vs. control mice
High-fat dietLow-fat diet
MCP-1 mRNA and proteinUndetectableUndetectable
Macrophage recruitment into the peritoneal cavityNot examinedDecreased
Recruitment of macrophages into adipose tissueNo change (study 1) or increased (study 2)No change (study 1 and study 2)
CCR2 and MCP-3 mRNADecreasedNo difference
Weight gainIncreasedNo difference
Fat massIncreasedNo difference
Lean massDecreasedNo difference
Plasma leptinNo differenceNo difference
Plasma PAI-1, TNF-α, lipids, and adiponectinNo differenceNo difference
Hepatic lipidsNo differenceNo difference
Glucose toleranceNo differenceNo difference