Cross-competition of binding of human mAb to GAD65 by rFab

mAb, KmM3*DPA*b78, 1 × 10−10DPD, 0.8 × 10−8DPC, 4.7 × 10−9b96.11, 3.4 × 10−9M4*
M3 rFAB47751936ND13ND
DPA rFAB4565008154
b78 rFAB2008475776324
DPD rFAB2324492132ND0
DPC rFAB80718592230
b96.11 rFAB64171703693ND
M4 rFAB0367666758673
  • Data are percent blocking of binding by rFab at the highest concentration of rFab used.

  • *

    * Not determined (ND).

  • rFab from DPD blocked GAD65 binding of mAb DPD by only 21% and did not block the reactivity of several other mAbs from which the corresponding rFab strongly blocked the binding of DPD with GAD65.