Characteristics of 46 autopsy cases

Case numberAge (years)Sex (M/F)BMI (kg/m2)Diagnoses leading to death
10.05M13.5Respiratory distress; Down's syndrome
20.21M14.3Complete transposition of great arteries
30.58F17.3Tetrology of Fallot
40.58F14.9Ventricular septal defect; encephalopathy
51.07M16.5Apnea and cardiac arrest after meningitis
61.54F12.5Subdural and epidural hematoma
71.85M14.8Congenital heart disease
81.87M15.2Intractable seizures
91.99M14.5Idiopathic restrictive cardiomyopathy with pulmonary venous hypertension
102.05M17.2Tetralogy of Fallot
112.07M13.1Collision with motor vehicle leading to subdural hematoma, hypoxic encephalopathy
122.8M14.4Ingestion of alkalai (liquid dairy farm cleaner), leading to aspiration and hypoxiecencephalopathy
132.91M11.8Acute thrombolitic occlusion of a gortex shunt after cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease
143.66F13.9Unable to wean from bypass for congenital heart disease
153.66F14Cerebral venous malformation leading to pontine hemorrhage
164.17F12.5Unable to wean from bypass for congenital heart disease
174.53M15.1Cerebellar meduloblastoma
185.42M15.7Reye's syndrome, encephalopathy
195.52M14.7Massive head trauma after collision with a tractor
206.27F16.5Polytrauma after collision with pickup truck
216.32F10.6Skull fracture after collision with truck
226.5M20.6Down's syndrome leading to respiratory failure
238.72F16.1Car accident
249.23F14.9Congenital heart disease leading to cardiac failure
259.49M14.3Head trauma after motor vehicle accident
2611.62M21.4Intracranial hemorrhage following accidental hit by a golf ball
2713.87M24Ventricular fibrillation post appendectomy
2814.6M12.8Tetrology of Fallot leading with pulmonary venous hypertension
2915.15M21.6Skull fracture after motor vehicle accident
3015.46M23.4Polytrauma after motor vehicle accident
3116.36M16.7Polytrauma after bike accident
3217.13M23.3Polytrauma after fall from a hotel roof
3317.16M25.5Polytrauma after bike accident
3417.56M20.5Subdural hematoma and edema of the right hemisphere after football injury
3517.92M21.3Multiple traumatic injuries after motorcycle accident
3618.25M25.5Profound hypothermia (12 h) after accidental cryoexposure
3718.34M19.6Pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents, leading to cardiorespiratory arrest after motorcycle accident
3818.57M18.7End-stage plexogenic pulmonary arteriopathy
3919.2F22.6Polytrauma after motor vehicle accident
4019.2M34.1Polytrauma after motor vehicle accident
4119.21M24.6Polytrauma after motor vehicle accident
4219.25M20.5Polytrauma after motor vehicle accident
4319.45M14.7Polytrauma after motor vehicle accident
4419.5M29.3Bowel perforation leading to peritonitis
4521.04F17.5Rheumatic heart disease
4621.46M25.7Gun shot wound to head