Correlation between presence of duct cells and expression of IL-8 and VEGF in human pancreatic cell preparations

Donor pancreatic fractionCellular composition (%)
mRNA expression
Endocrine cellsDuct cellsIL-8/HPRTVEGF/HPRT
No. 1
    Duct cell enriched7931.347.4
    Islet cell enriched79210.19.9
No. 2
    Duct cell enriched<1980.625.4
    Islet cell enriched59410.48.1
No. 3
    Duct cell enriched<19940.6456.5
    Islet cell enriched505011.0319.1
No. 4
    Duct cell enriched2973.236.2
    Islet cell enriched9730.117.5
No. 5
    Duct cell enriched23776.333.3
    Islet cell enriched9640.78.8
No. 6
    Duct cell enriched5954.614.4
    Islet cell enriched9190.82.7
  • Pancreatic fractions enriched in duct cells or islet cells from the same donor were compared for their IL-8 and VEGF expression. Cells were retrieved from culture, total RNA extracted, and reverse transcribed to cDNA. IL-8 and VEGF expression levels were measured by real-time PCR and normalized to HPRT (donor numbers 1–3). Islet-enriched preparations were dissociated into single cells and fluorescence-activated cell sorted into duct cell–purified and endocrine cell–purified preparations prior to comparing their IL-8 and VEGF expression (donor numbers 4–6).