Result of embryonic phenotype analysis and complementation tests

Heterozygous crossStage (dpc)Affected embryos (two mutant alleles)Unaffected embryos (two mutant alleles)Unaffected embryos (wild-type alleles)
S70P X Y123C9.5119
S70P X Y123C13.55118
Y123C X Y123C9.52216
Y123C X Y123C14.5203
Del X Y123C13.5215
  • Data are n. Males heterozygous for the Y123C Sox4 mutation were crossed to females heterozygous for the same mutation, the S70P mutation, and the Del(13)Svea36H deletion. Embryo dissections were carried out at 9.5, 13.5, and 14.5 dpc, and the embryonic phenotype was visually analyzed.