Immune status before first and second islet infusion according to insulin need at 6 months posttransplantation among recipients receiving two islet grafts

At posttransplant month 6
Insulin independentInsulin dependent
Immune status before ATG
    Total lymphocyte count1,567 (1,044–2,023)2,065 (1,906–2,721)0.03
    CD3+ count (cells/mm3)1,134 (839–1,328)1,419 (1,189–1,761)0.07
    CD19+ count (cells/mm3)223 (119–255)267 (225–430)0.04
    Leucocyte count5,250 (3,950–6,925)6,400 (5,700–8,400)0.08
    Presence of T-cell reactivity against IA2 and/or GAD5/127/120.57
    Positivity for ICA/GAD/IA2-A3/5/21/4/4NS
    Positivity for two or more autoantibodies320.62
Immune status at first infusion
    Total lymphocyte count189 (97–584)272 (154–779)0.25
    CD3+ count (cells/mm3)27 (12–134)52 (12–80)1.0
    Leucocyte count3,350 (2,525–7,700)8,700 (2,725–13,350)0.29
Immune status before second infusion
    Total lymphocyte count499 (357–593)636 (501–833)0.15
    CD3+ count (cells/mm3)186 (169–267)277 (224–341)0.05
    CD19+ count (cells/mm3)213 (84–269)182 (152–311)0.50
    Leucocyte count3,150 (2,250–3,825)3,900 (3,300–4,900)0.08
    Presence of T-cell reactivity against IA2 and/or GAD230.62
    Positivity for ICA/GAD/IA2-A1/5/21/6/4NS
    Positivity for two or more autoantibodies230.62
  • Data are median (IQR).

  • *Statistical analysis was done with Mann-Whitney U test for continues variables, Fisher exact test for dichotomous variables. NS, not significant.