Univariate and multivariate analysis of recipient characteristics associated with clinical outcome

Insulin independence
CVfg 0–6 months
Mean C-peptide 0–6 months
Univariate analysis*
Multivariate analysis
Univariate analysis
Multivariate analysis§
Univariate analysis
Multivariate analysis§
Age (years)
Sex (male/female)0.460.440.48
Body weight (kg)0.720.910.95
BMI (kg/m2)0.550.860.83
Duration of disease (years)0.300.550.41
A1C (%)0.050.710.48
Insulin dose (IU · kg−1 · day−1)
Fasting glycemia
    Mean (mg/dl)0.650.700.11
    CVfg (%)0.420.780.94
Immune status before ATG
    Total lymphocyte count0.0070.210.0010.02 (β 0.370)0.0060.001 (β 0.437)
    CD3+ count0.050.320.060.08
    CD19+ count0.020.03 (odds ratio 0.989)0.080.13
    Leucocyte count0.040.140.0070.970.040.34
    T-cell reactivity against IA2 and/or GAD0.050.06 (odds ratio 0.101)0.010.02 (β 0.352)0.001<0.001 (β −0.652)
    Presence of autoantibodies pretransplant (yes/no)0.700.860.88
Immune status at first infusion
    Total lymphocyte count0.190.500.46
    CD3+ count0.730.810.83
    Leucocyte count0.360.0040.03 (β 0.363)0.020.17
Immune status posttransplant days 1–7
    Median CD3+ count0.380.820.76
    Median CD19+ count0.040.540.020.510.030.89
    Median CD4-to-CD8 ratio0.590.290.39
  • *Mann-Whitney U test for continuous variables, Fisher exact test for categorical data.

  • †Independent predictor ability of the variables studied by forward stepwise binary logistic regression analysis.

  • ‡Pearson's correlation for continuous variables and Mann-Whitney U test for categorical variables.

  • §Independent predictor ability of the variables studied by stepwise linear regression analysis, inclusion criteria P < 0.05.