Summary of associations for SNPs reported by Shimazaki et al. and Leak et al. in the GoKinD collection

SNPPositionLocationRisk allele (nonrisk allele)Genetic model
Shimazaki et al. (ref. 10): Japanese, type 2 diabetes, diabetic nephropathy*
rs780409236,859,7573' flanking regionT(A)0.380.560.20
rs155868836,881,710Intron 19C(T)0.130.550.03
rs74130136,884,520Intron 18T(C)0.060.330.03
rs779900436,895,489Intron 17T(C)
rs1198369836,915,072Intron 16T(C)0.250.520.06
rs472359636,917,569Intron 16T(C)0.510.810.17
Leak et al. (ref. 14): African American, type 2 diabetes, ESRD
rs134536537,167,138Intron 13G(A)0.460.540.81
rs198174037,178,829Intron 13C(A)0.970.980.89
rs1095150937,180,008Intron 13G(A)
rs205873037,201,281Intron 13T(C)0.940.540.32
rs271797237,270,120Intron 5A(G)0.500.540.79
rs996931137,381,582Intron 1G(A)0.620.970.05
  • SNP positions and locations are in reference to NCBI Build 36.1.

  • *Three SNPs reported by Shimazaki et al. (ref. 10) (rs3807163, rs4723593, and rs1541727) were not genotyped in HapMap and, therefore, were not imputed in the GoKinD collection.