Difference in change of A1C after start of metformin therapy for polymorphism rs2289669

rs2289669n*Unadjusted average change in A1C (%)Adjusted difference in A1C change (%)95% CIP
GA58−0.59−0.32−0.65 to 0.010.055
AA21−0.87−0.66−1.19 to −0.140.015
Additive model−0.30−0.51 to −0.100.005
  • *

    * In one participant, genotyping for rs2289669 failed.

  • Adjusted for age, sex, A1C level before start, prescribed dose of metformin, change in prescribed doses of sulfonylurea, time from diagnosis of diabetes to start of metformin therapy, and estimated glomrular filtration rate.

  • Number of variant alleles.