Genes regulated by high glucose or high glucose plus FOXO1 siRNA in RMECs

GeneUnique identificationHigh glucoseHigh glucose plus FOXO1 siRNA
Endothelial cell inflammation/activation
Endothelial cell apoptosis
  • Data are mean and median of three independent arrays for each time point. Boldface indicates that both the mean and median of the experimental group was 1.7- or 0.58-fold of the corresponding control (high glucose versus low glucose; high glucose plus FOXO1 siRNA versus high glucose plus scrambled siRNA). RMECs were incubated with or without high glucose (25 mmol/l) for 5 days. Some cells were transfected with FOXO1 siRNA or scrambled siRNA for 24 h prior to incubation in high glucose for 5 days. Total RNA was isolated and subjected to focused microarray analysis. The table lists genes differentially regulated by high glucose or FOXO1 siRNA in high-glucose–treated microvascular endothelial cells. High glucose: fold change in mRNA level in high-glucose–treated cells versus standard-glucose–treated cells. High glucose plus FOXO1 siRNA: fold change in mRNA level of each gene in cells transfected with FOXO1 siRNA plus high glucose versus scrambled siRNA plus high glucose.