Spearman correlation coefficients between surrogate indexes of insulin sensitivity and insulin sensitivity assessed by a euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp (M value)

Insulin sensitivity during clamp
M valueMLBM/I
Insulin sensitivity indexes
    1/fasting insulin0.6250.716
    Matsuda ISI*0.6990.776
    MCR Stumvoll0.7010.683
    ISI Stumvoll*0.7050.693
  • Indexes of insulin sensitivity were calculated as described previously: HOMA-IR (30), quantitative insulin sensitivity index (30), Matsuda ISI (33), MCR Stumvoll (31), and ISI Stumvoll (31). For all correlation coefficients, P < 0.001.

  • *Surrogate indexes were validated against MLBM/I. ISI, insulin sensitivity index; MCR, metabolic clearance rate; QUICKI, quantitative insulin sensitivity index.