Numbers of insulin- and TUNEL-positive nuclei in islets

Counted islets per animalCounted nuclei per animalNuclei per isletProportion of TUNEL-positive nuclei per islet (%)
Wild type692,882 ± 567.843 ± 4.30.55 ± 0.15
Transgenic653,233 ± 495.546 ± 4.00.42 ± 0.11
  • Data are means ± SE of values from five animals from each genotype. Pancreatic sections were double-stained with the anti-insulin antibody and TUNEL assay 1 week after 50 mg/kg streptozotocin administration as shown inFig. 4H. Numbers of all nuclei and of TUNEL-positive nuclei in the insulin-positive cells of wild-type and transgenic mice were counted.