Rates of change during follow-up*

VariablesMedian (interquartile range)
Weight (kg/year)0.69 (0.18–1.25)
Fasting glucose (mg/dl/year)1.3 (0.3–3.4)
oGTT 2-h glucose (mg/dl/year)4.6 (1.7–12.9)
ivGTT SI (unit/year)0.0 (−0.12 to 0.08)
ivGTT AIRg (unit/year)−24.3 (−72.8 to 0.0)
ivGTT DI (unit/year)−41.6 (−106 to 0.0)
  • To convert the glucose in unit of mg/dl to the SI unit of mmol/l, multiply the number in the table by 0.0555.

  • *Variables are defined in Table 1.

  • P < 0.0001 vs. zero using random coefficient mixed-effects regression models. SI, AIRg, and DI were log transformed for statistical testing.