Multivariate significant baseline predictors of diabetes*

VariablesAdjusted HR 95% CIAdjusted P value
ivGTT DI§0.41 (0.24–0.71)0.001
Clamp ΔClrglu0.50 (0.29–0.84)0.01
oGTT total area1.68 (1.05–2.66)0.028
oGTT 30 Δinsulin§0.60 (0.38–0.96)0.034
  • *P < 0.05 on multivariate Cox regression analysis considering all baseline variables listed in Table 1.

  • †Variables and units are defined in Table 1.

  • ‡By Cox regression adjusting for other variables in the table, expressed per 1-SD unit increase.

  • §Variables were log transformed; SDs were calculated using log-transformed data.