Multivariate assessment of significant baseline and clinical variables during follow-up in relation to development of diabetes*

VariablesAdjusted HR (95% CI)Adjusted P value
    ivGTT DI§0.31 (0.17–0.54)<0.0001
    Clamp ΔClrglu0.50 (0.28–0.89)0.018
    oGTT total area2.03 (1.21–3.39)0.007
    oGTT 30 Δinsulin§0.61 (0.37–1.02)0.059
    Weight change (per 5 kg)1.67 (1.08–2.57)0.021
    Additional pregnancy (yes/no)1.77 (0.92–3.44)0.085
    Progestin-only method (yes/no)4.28 (0.90–20.4)0.068
  • *Using multivariate Cox regression analysis where baseline variables from Table 4 and follow-up clinical variables were included in the model.

  • †By Cox regression adjusting for other variables in the table; for baseline variables, they were expressed per 1-SD unit increase; for follow-up variables, they were expressed per 5-kg increase for weight change and yes/no for additional pregnancy and progestin contraception use.

  • ‡Variables and units are defined in Table 1.

  • §Variables were log transformed; SDs were calculated using log-transformed data.

  • ‖All three follow-up variables were treated as time-dependent variables in the Cox regression analysis.