Summary of findings in nine Medalist's pancreases, including insulin, Ki67, and TUNEL staining in cells

IDSexAge (years)Age dx (years)HbA1C (%)ABHLAC-peptide (nmol/l)Insulin+Ki67+TUNEL+CD3+
M1F6018.8GAD+DR3/DR40.01Very few, scattered singletsNDInsulin + clustersIn a few islets
M2M5975.6NegDR30.02Scattered in separate lobes, + in ductsNegAutolysisIn a few islets
M3M8959NegDR40.04Scattered in separate lobes, + in ductsIn ductsAutolysisND
M4M7846.6IA2+DR30.06Scattered, clusters up to 8 cellsIn islets; no insulin+ cells+Cells, but not insulin+ND
M5F7185.7NegDR3/DR40.06Scattered, clusters and some within isletsNDAutolysisND
M6F7377.3NegDR3/DR40.09Scattered, within islets, rare clusterNDNegND
M7F7259.8GAD+DR3/DR40.1Few scattered in small islets, rare glucagon+ in ductsNegAutolysisND
M8F79236.7NegDR3/DR40.1650% islets none; 25% normal; 25% with amyloidNDCouple insulin+In a few islets
M9M88307.1NegDR31.66All islets insulin+, Some small islets all insulin+; + in ductsInsulin+NDIn a few islets
  • dx, duration; ND, not determined; Neg, negative; Age dx, age of diagnosis; AB, antibody.