Regression models obtained from variable selection (forward stepwise selection) using variables that were significant in Table 1, with adjustment variables forced into the model

All mothersEffect95% CIP
Variables forced in
    Intercept−2.180(−6.042 to 1.683)0.267
    Age0.017(−0.056 to 0.090)0.648
    Gestational age at sampling−0.085(−0.163 to −0.006)0.034
    Smoking−0.165(−1.695 to 1.365)0.832
        Black−0.146(−0.956 to 0.664)0.722
        Asian−1.847(−3.310 to −0.385)0.013
        Other1.256(−0.409 to 2.920)0.138
    Parity (parous)−1.367(−2.148 to −0.585)0.001
    Conception (spontaneous)−0.459(−1.908 to 0.990)0.533
    Previous GDM4.477(2.221–6.733)<0.001
Variables selected
    Family history of diabetes1.196(0.382–2.011)0.004
    HDL cholesterol*−1.959(−3.546 to −0.372)0.015
Mothers without prior GDM
    Variables forced in
        Intercept−2.383(−6.345 to 1.579)0.236
        Age0.017(−0.057 to 0.091)0.650
        Gestational age at sampling−0.079(−0.160 to 0.002)0.055
        Smoking−0.148(−1.697 to 1.402)0.851
            Black−0.161(−0.990 to 0.668)0.701
            Asian−1.675(−3.129 to −0.222)0.023
            Other1.306(−0.364 to 2.976)0.124
        Parity (parous)−1.385(−2.176 to −0.594)0.001
        Conception (spontaneous)−0.496(−1.961 to 0.969)0.505
    Variables selected
        Family history of diabetes1.160(0.326–1.994)0.006
        HDL cholesterol−2.196(−3.821 to −0.572)0.008
        t-PA0.219(0.063 to 0.374)0.006
  • Conducted in all mothers and separately in mothers without prior GDM.

  • *Log transformed.