Relative predispositional analysis; DPA1, DPB1 allele, and DPA1-DPB1 haplotype frequency distribution in 1,771 type 1 diabetes families in the presence or absence of the high-risk and protective DRB1-DQA1-DQB1 haplotypes

Presence of high-risk and protective DR-DQ haplotypesAbsence of high-risk and protective DR-DQ haplotypes
% AFBACs (n = 1,102)% Probands (n = 2,626)PadjOdds Ratio95% CI% AFBACs (n = 1,656)% Probands (n = 916)PadjOdds Ratio95% CI
  • DPA1, DPB1, and DPA1-DPB1 alleles and haplotypes with a frequency >5% in an individual category or >1% where the nominal P value was <0.05 were compared in the presence or absence of the following high-risk and protective DRB1-DQA1-DQB1 haplotype: 0301-0501-0201, 0401-0301-0302, 0402-0301-0302, 0404-0301-0302, 0405-0301-0302, 0701-0201-0303, 1401-0101-0503 and 1501-0102-0602. The nominal P value was adjusted (Padj) for multiple alleles or haplotypes by applying the Bonferroni correction of multiplying the nominal P value by the number of comparisons.