Summary of the metabolic and islet β-cell parameters obtained in C57Bl/6 male mice fed a high-fat diet for 8 weeks

Metabolic parameters
    Weight gain↑↑
    Insulin resistance↑↑
    OGTT glucose tolerance(↓)
    ivGTT glucose tolerance(↓)
    ivGTT/1st-phase GSIS↓↓
    ivGTT/2nd-phase GSIS
    Fasting FFA(↑)
    Fed total cholesterol(↑)
    Fed glycemia↑↑
    2-h–fasted glycemia(↑)
    6-h–fasted glycemia↑↑
    16-h–fasted glycemia(↑)
    ivGTT, 1 h glucose
    OGTT, 2 h glucose(↑)
Islet β-cell parameters
    β-Cell mass(↑)
    β-Cell proliferation(↑)
    Protein content/islet↑↑
    Insulin content/islet
    Proinsulin content/islet protein
    Glucose-induced insulin secretion↓↓
    KCl-induced insulin secretion
    Glucose usage/oxidation
    TG content
    Free cholesterol content
    Glucose-stimulated lipolysis
    Glucose effect on NEFA content(↓)
    Glucose effect on FA esterif. in TG
    FA esterification in CE↓↓
    FA oxidation
    Glucose-induced ATP
    Glucose-induced Ca2+
    KCl-induced Ca2+
  • Horizontal arrow, unchanged versus normal diet–fed animals; arrows in parentheses indicate a clear trend that did not reach statistical significance. FA, fatty acid; TG, triglyceride.