Suggestive (LOD >2.2) and significant (LOD >3.6) loci from genome linkage scans of the T1DGC family collections

FamiliesPosition (cM)LODPLOD-1 support intervalReported in T1DGC sets 1 and 2 (4,5)
T1DGC set 3
Sets 1, 2, and 3
  • Summary of linkage analyses for the third and final set of T1DGC families. Positions of LOD score peaks are shown for the chromosome band (taken from for the nearest SNP) and cM position. P values shown for LODs <5.

  • *LOD scores on chromosome 6q were adjusted for HLA linkage by subtracting the ELOD (see text). Peaks were defined as points at least 1 LOD unit above the surrounding linkage plot; the additional families in the combined dataset obscured the separable peaks observed on chromosomes 6q14 and 6q15 in set 3 alone.