SNPs from the 5′ gene region that exhibited signals of partial selection

Gene (candidate SNPs)Association with disease riskPositionFrequencies of derived alleles*Associated with LD & long haplotypes
CDKAL1 (rs9368197)T2D, ulcerative colitis, GD, Crohn, OBChr. 6, 206413620.0510.2330.511ASN
CYB5R4 (rs1325471)Near a T2D susceptibility locus on Chr. 6Chr. 6, 846243940.1430.9580.715CEU & ASN
GAD2 (rs2839670)OB, alcohol dependence, schizophreniaChr. 10, 265443460.2170.8170.578CEU
GIP (rs3895874)NoneChr. 17, 444028670.1930.5170.753CEU & ASN
GIP (rs3848460)NoneChr. 17, 444021130.1930.5170.753CEU & ASN
GIP (rs937301)NoneChr. 17, 444012750.1930.5170.753CEU & ASN
PPARG (rs2920502)T2D, obesity, coronary artery diseasesChr. 3, 123041950.0260.3570.753CEU & ASN
  • ASN, pooled samples of Chinese from Beijing and Japanese from Tokyo; CEU, Utah residents with northern and western European ancestry; GD, gestational diabetes; LD, linkage-disequilibrium; OB, obesity; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism; T2D, type 2 diabetes; YRI, Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria.

  • *The allele frequency is significantly different among HapMap II populations (P < 0.01).