Standardized β-coefficients from linear regression between ALT and GGT activities and metabolic variables: the RISC study

ALT (IU ⋅ L−1)GGT (IU ⋅ L−1)
Fasting glycemia (mmol ⋅ L−1)0.080.0460.22<0.00010.120.0040.140.0001
2-h Glycemia (mmol ⋅ L−1)0.130.0010.130.00040.130.0020.100.005
Fasting glucagon (pmol ⋅ L−1)0.120.0040.140.00020.
Fasting insulinemia (pmol ⋅ L−1)0.33<0.00010.17<0.00010.24<0.00010.16<0.0001
M/I (μmol ⋅ min−1 ⋅ kg FFM−1 ⋅ [nmol ⋅ L−1]−1)−0.18<0.0001−0.15<0.0001−0.17<0.0001−0.11<0.0001
Hepatic insulin resistance index (pmol ⋅ L−1 mmol ⋅ min−1 kg FFM−1)*0.240.00030.160.0290.28<0.00010.27<0.0001
Basal insulin secretion rate (pmol/min per m2)0.30<0.00010.18<0.00010.23<0.00010.17<0.0001
Total insulin secretion rate during OGTT (nmol/m2)0.23<0.00010.120.0010.18<0.00010.18<0.0001
Endogenous clearance of insulin during OGTT (L/min per m2)−0.140.0007−0.070.05−0.160.0002−0.120.002
Hepatic insulin extraction during OGTT (dimensionless)−0.150.0005−0.060.09−0.140.0005−0.090.02
  • β-Coefficients are adjusted for recruitment center and age.

  • *Calculated in 393 individuals.