Total, direct, and indirect effects of maternal plasma glucose during pregnancy, fetal C-peptide, and fetal IGF-I on weight or length at 1 year (N = 339)

Weight at 1 yearLength at 1 year
Girls (n = 150)Boys (n = 189)*Girls (n = 150)Boys (n = 189)*
Maternal glycemia
 P value0.700.980.140.390.520.260.300.430.290.500.290.11
Fetal C-peptide
 P value0.06<0.001<0.0010.190.560.
Fetal IGF-I
 P value<0.0010.57<0.0010.190.14<0.0010.<0.001
  • Boldface type represents P ≤ 0.05 or clinically significant.

  • *Three boys had missing weight or length at 1 year.