NOD-Ncf1m1J CD8+ T cells exhibit a decrease in synthesis of the proinflammatory cytokine IFN-γ and the cytotoxic effector molecule granzyme B. Proliferation by [3H]TdR incorporation and intracellular cytokine staining for CD8+/IFN-γ+ and CD8+/GzmB+ after 72-h stimulation of purified naïve CD8+ T cells from the spleen of NOD and NOD-Ncf1m1J mice

CPM20,080 ± 2,668a35,260 ± 4,472b
CD8+/IFN-γ+ (%)31.05 ± 1.29c22.65 ± 1.91d
CD8+/GzmB+b (%)77.34 ± 7.05e60.68 ± 7.52f
  • Data are means ± SD. CPM, counts per minute.

  • P = 0.014 for a vs. b; P = 0.0003 for c vs. d; P = 0.011 for e vs. f.