Association of rs39059 in CPVL/CHN2 with diabetic retinopathy in Chinese type 2 diabetic patients

n (case/control)Risk allele frequenciesOR (95% CI)*P
Case subjectsControl subjects
Diabetic retinopathy vs. control subjects365/2730.6190.5641.256 (1.003–1.575)0.047
Diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy vs. diabetic nephropathy231/3630.6360.5671.334 (1.049–1.695)0.018
Stage 2 validation209/3810.6600.6051.269 (0.989–1.628)0.061
Meta-analysis805/1,0170.6330.5811.285 (1.120–1.474)0.0003
  • *ORs with 95% CIs were shown for risk allele.

  • P values of meta-analysis were calculated using the fixed-effect model; homogeneity test P = 0.932.