Table 2

Enzyme combinations used in the manufacture of PHPI product

Activity (units) and manufacturerN = 75Mean (SD)MedianMinimum–maximum
Collagenase NB 1 (Wünsch)462,008 (439)1,8291,600–3,842
 SERVA Electrophoresis, Heidelberg, Germany
Neutral Protease NB (DMC units)244 (65)229200–581
 SERVA Electrophoresis
Clzyme (Wünsch)182,472 (542)2,2011,620–3,740
 VitaCyte, Indianapolis, IN
Neutral Protease NB (DMC units)199 (45)183147–270
 SERVA Electrophoresis
Liberase Collagenase I/II MTF (Wünsch)112,678 (302)2,6322,426–3,500
 Roche Diagnostics, Basel, Switzerland
Liberase Thermolysin (neutral protease units)99,552 (55,097)71,57751,075–187,275
 Roche Diagnostics
  • DMC, dimethylcasein; MTF, mammalian tissue free.