Table 1

Altered metabolic pathways in isolated gastrocnemius muscle from β-DKO mice

PathwayUpregulatedDownregulatedP value
GlycolysisBPGM, FBP2, PGAM2, PGK1, PKMGAPDH, GPI2.97E-13
GluconeogenesisBPGM, FBP2, PGAM2, PGK1GAPDH, GPI3.50E-11
Rapoport-Luebering glycolytic shuntBPGM, PGAM24.61E-05
Glutaryl-CoA degradationACoAAT, HSD17B105.00E-04
Isoleucine degradationACoAAT, HSD17B107.91E-04
  • Gastrocnemius muscle was obtained from 16-week-old β-DKO mice and Abca1fl/fl/Abcg1fl/fl mice at the time of sacrifice. The samples were homogenized, and proteins were precipitated with acetone and digested with trypsin, as described in research design and methods. The resulting peptides were purified and analyzed by MS and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis.