Table 3

Two human serum metabolites significantly associated with metformin treatment in a cross-sectional analyses (KORA F4)

Crude linear model
mt-T2D (n = 74) vs. ndt-T2D (n = 115)Full linear model
mt-T2D (n = 70) vs. ndt-T2D (n = 114)
Metaboliteβ (95% CI) per SDP valueFDRβ (95% CI) per SDP valueFDR
Citrulline−0.75 (−1.09, −0.41)2.31E-052.83E-04−0.79 (−1.15, −0.43)2.54E-052.83E-04
X-213650.67 (0.38, 0.96)7.54E-061.42E-040.65 (0.34, 0.97)5.20E-051.42E-04
  • Estimates (β) and P values for the comparison of 189 participants (74 mt-T2D and 115 ndt-T2D) were calculated using linear regression analysis with the crude and full adjustments. Because of missing confounding information, the models with full adjustment were based on fewer participants. Significant metabolites are highlighted in boldface type with respect to Bonferroni correction (P < 0.05/353 = 1.42E-04) or the FDR.

  • ¶After exclusion of individuals because of missing confounding information.