Table 3

Patients with concomitant medications at baseline and at the 6-month follow-up in the two treatment groups

Concomitant medicationsCR (n = 34)SD (n = 36)
Baseline6 monthsBaseline6 months
Hypoglycemic agents
 Oral hypoglycemic agents alone17261526
 Insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents2333
Antihypertensive agents
 Calcium-channel blockers4633
 Sympatholytic agents1101
 ACE inhibitors, angiotensin blockers0002
Lipid-lowering agents
 Statin alone992118
 Fibrate alone110o
 Statin and fibrate0001
 Antiplatelet agent2287
  • Data are absolute number. No significant difference was observed between the two groups at baseline and at 5 months or between changes at 6 months vs. baseline in the two groups.