Table 5

Serious and nonserious adverse in the two treatment groups

Serious adverse events
 Atrial fibrillation01
 Prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia01
Nonserious adverse events
 Flu-like symptoms, cough, bronchitis, sinusitis29
 Stranguria, cystitis42
 Cervical, shoulder, knee pain41
 Muscular strain/pain41
 Tooth extraction/ache, gingivitis33
 Traumatic back, ankle, wrist pain31
 Transient lymphocytopenia/eosinophilia20
 Basal cell carcinoma right zygomas01
 Prostatic hypertrophy10
 Right finger Dupuytren’s fibromatosis01
 Vagal reaction10
 Cervical hernia01
 Transient liver transaminases increase01
 Transient CRP increase01