Table 3

Effects of long-term residential AAP exposure on BMI and adiposity in Latino children

NO2 (long-term)PM2.5 (long-term)
BMI (kg/m2)2.1 (0.1, 4.1)3.8 (1, 6.6)
Body fat percent (%)0.1 (−0.1, 0.3)0.1 (−0.1, 0.4)
SAAT (cm2)6.5 (1.6, 11.3)8.1 (0.6, 15.7)
IAAT (cm2)0.9 (−0.1, 1.9)1.2 (−0.4, 2.8)
  • Results are displayed as the estimated difference with 95% CIs for the effects of long-term exposure on the yearly rate of change (growth) of BMI, body fat percent, SAAT, and IAAT. Each model was adjusted for sex, Tanner stage, season of testing (warm/cold), prior year exposure at each follow-up visit, social position, body fat percent (where appropriate), study wave, and study entry year.

  • Bold font indicates results that were statistically significant based on a two-sided P < 0.05.