Table 1

Heritability of metabolic phenotypes

nh2 (SE)LRT P valueFixed-effect covariates
P value
HbA1c460.35 (0.33)0.1460.0114nsns
Fasting values
 Insulin480.60 (0.25)+0.015nsnsns
 C-peptide480.90 (0.15)+0.0001§0.0004nsns
 ISR420.79 (0.33)+0.02nsnsns
 HOMA-IR480.67 (0.26)0.01250.007nsns
 HOMA-β480.30 (0.30)0.165nsnsns
 QUICKI480.67 (0.26)0.0130.040nsns
Postchallenge values
 Matsuda index4800.5nsnsns
 Insulinogenic index4600.50.041nsns
 AUC glucose4600.50.0003
 AUC insulin4600.5nsnsns
 IncrAUC glucose4600.50.0002nsns
 IncrAUC insulin4600.5nsnsns
 IncrAUC insulin/IncrAUC glucose4600.50.038nsns
  • SEs are shown in parentheses alongside all heritability estimates greater than zero. LRT P value: P values from LRT indicating whether the heritability estimated is significantly different from zero. Fixed-effect covariates P value: reported P values from LRT indicating whether the variable significantly impacted the heritability model. Age and sex were retained in the model regardless of their LRT P value, while BMI and OSA were dropped if P > 0.1 (reported in table as not significant [ns]) to result in a parsimonious model. Statistically significant data appear in boldface type. AUC, area under the curve; IncrAUC, incremental area under the curve.

  • §P values exceeding the Bonferroni corrected threshold for significance of P = 0.004 (corrected for the number of traits analyzed).

  • +BMI was a significant covariate and estimate was adjusted for BMI.