Table 2

Association of individual AHSG SNPs and genetic scores with fetuin-A concentration in the Potsdam part of the EPIC-InterAct study subcohort (n = 965): simultaneous adjustment of SNPs

Alleleβ (SE) for fetuin concentrationPF statistic
Individual SNPs
rs4917T→C16.9 (8.4)0.0446<0.0001
 rs2070635G→A−0.6 (5.1)0.9013
 rs2070633T→C23.7 (8.2)0.0040
 rs2248690T→A12.3 (4.3)0.0040
 rs4831G→C1.1 (8.6)0.9008
Genetic scores*
 Weighted score52.4 (2.8)<0.0001<0.0001
 Unweighted score53.0 (2.8)<0.0001<0.0001
  • β for individual SNPs obtained from one linear regression model including all five SNPs simultaneously. β for genetic scores obtained from single univariate linear regression models. SNPs and genetic scores modeled per fetuin-A–increasing allele and fetuin-A expressed in µg/mL.

  • *Genetic scores were created as sum of fetuin-A–increasing alleles of rs4917, rs2070633, and rs2248690, divided by three. β of the three SNPs from linear regression have been used as weights for the weighted genetic score.