Table 1

Genome-wide significant loci for fructosamine and percent glycated albumin

SNPChrClosest geneA1/A2OutcomeRaceARIC*CARDIA*ARIC+CARDIA*ARIC White+Black*
A1 freqβ (SE)% diff§P value% variance explainedA1 freqβ (SE)% diff§P valueβ (SE)% diff§P valueβ (SE)% diff§P value
rs34459162||19RCN3C/TFructosamine (μmol/L)White0.08−0.02 (0.003)−2%5.3E-90.6%0.09−0.02 (0.014)−2%0.09−0.02 (0.003)−2%4.9E-9
rs12603262GCKRT/CPercent glycated albumin (%)White0.41−0.01 (0.002)−1%5.9E-90.3%0.43−0.01 (0.004)−1%0.04−0.01 (0.002)−1%2.3E-8−0.007 (0.005)−0.7%0.14
rs2438321||11CNTN5G/AFructosamine (μmol/L)Black0.110.03 (0.006)3%6.2E-91.8%0.060.006 (0.011)0.6%0.570.03 (0.005)3%2.9E-80.02 (0.02)2%0.37
rs5944376317PRKCAC/TPercent glycated albumin (%)Black0.060.05 (0.009)5%4.1E-92.0%
  • Chr, chromosome; diff, difference; freq, frequency.

  • *ARIC: N = 7,647 whites, 2,104 blacks; CARDIA: N = 1,304 whites, 608 blacks; ARIC+CARDIA is a meta-analysis across the cohorts; ARIC White+Black is a meta-analysis across the ancestries in ARIC.

  • †A1 is the minor allele in whites.

  • ‡Mean change in ln(outcome) for each additional A1 allele.

  • §Percent higher or lower levels of the outcome for each additional copy of the minor allele, calculated as eβ *100.

  • ||rs34459162 and rs2438321 not available in CARDIA data set; evaluated proxy SNPs rs8105626 and rs35256014, respectively, in perfect LD (r2 = 1 with ARIC SNP).