Table 2

Genome-wide significant loci for fructosamine and percent glycated albumin and their association with total glycated albumin, fasting glucose, and HbA1c in ARIC

SNPClosest geneA1/A2Race1000 Genomes A1 freq§A1 freqFructosamine (μmol/L)Percent glycated albumin (%)Total glycated albumin (g/dL)Fasting glucose (mg/dL)HbA1c (%)
β (SE)P valueβ (SE)P valueβ (SE)P valueβ (SE)P valueβ (SE)P value
rs34459162RCN3C/TWhite0.080.08-0.02 (0.003)5.3E-9−0.02 (0.004)7.3E-8−0.03 (0.005)3.8E-80.26 (0.56)0.64−0.02 (0.02)0.25
rs1260326GCKRT/CWhite0.430.41−0.003 (0.002)0.02−0.01 (0.002)5.9E-9−0.01 (0.003)1.3E-5−1.13 (0.28)4.5E-5−0.01 (0.008)0.09
Black0.100.140.0005 (0.005)0.93−0.0003 (0.006)0.960.001 (0.009)0.9−0.53 (1.16)0.64−0.01 (0.04)0.76
rs2438321CNTN5G/AWhite0.300.24−0.001 (0.002)0.440.0005 (0.002)0.82−0.001 (0.003)0.71−0.21 (0.32)0.520.001 (0.01)0.95
Black0.110.110.03 (0.006)6.2E-90.03 (0.007)6.4E-50.05 (0.009)2.0E-64.19 (1.24)8.3E-40.14 (0.04)6.8E-4
Black0.090.060.04 (0.008)9.4E-70.05 (0.009)4.1E-90.06 (0.01)5.8E-77.2 (1.65)9.6E-60.18 (0.05)8.3E-4
  • freq, frequency. Genome-wide significant results are in boldface type. Fructosamine, glycated albumin percent, and total glycated albumin are log transformed.

  • ‡A1 is the minor allele in whites.

  • §1000 Genomes populations: white, Utah residents (CEPH) with Northern and Western European ancestry (CEU); black, Americans of African ancestry in Southwest U.S. (ASW).