Table 1

Clinical features of the index patient of pedigree 1 harboring PAX8-T356M

Pregnancy 1 (28 years old)Pregnancy 2 (30 years old)Pregnancy 3 (31 years old)Pregnancy 4 (33 years old)Normal rangeNP
Short OGTT (O’Sullivan protocol)++++ND
Long OGTT (NDDG protocol)++++ND
Basal insulin (mU/L)ND5NDND3–253
GDM diagnosis++++
Response to treatment (diet + physical exercise)++++
TSH (mU/L)NA1T: 2.92 
2T: 1.961T: 3.29 
2T: 1.89 
3T: 1.491T: 1.21 
2T: 3.23T: 3.011T: <2.5
2T: <3
3T: <3
NP: 0.27–4.21.62
FT4 (ng/μL)NA2T: 1.22T: 0.941T: 0.950.93–1.71.08
Serum TG (ng/mL)NDNDND1T: 360.6–6029.6
GTD diagnosis++++
Levothyroxine treatment (μg/day)2T: 253T: 252T: 253T: 252T: 253T: 501T: 252T: 253T: 25
  • Abnormal values are highlighted in bold. 1T, first trimester; 2T, second trimester; 3T, third trimester; NA, not available; ND, not determined; NP, nonpregnant.