Table 1

Summary of the two study groups: seroconverted children (n = 10) and T1D progressors (n = 18) studied with genome-wide transcriptomics

Case number Number of longitudinal RNA samplesFirst sample from seroconversion (months)Last sample from seroconversion (months)Time of T1D diagnosisAge at T1D diagnosis (years)
S37−121220 months after last sample7.7
S6668890 months after last sample8.6
S79−371222 months after last sample9.3
S104−1241 month after last sample2.4
Number of longitudinal RNA samplesFirst sample from seroconversion (months)First sample from diagnosis (months)Time of T1D diagnosisAge at T1D diagnosis (years)
D1717−33At last sample6.6
D2651−130.6 months after last sample6.6
D31259−920.5 months prior to last sample6.9
D4749−20At last sample7.8
D5839−31At last sample8.3
D663−303.2 months after last sample8.8
D7476−101.4 months after last sample9.2
D81286−463.2 months after last sample12.1
D9785−24At last sample10
D10681−231.4 months after last sample12.5
D118NA−32At last sample13
D1263−15At last sample2.3
D1353−16At last sample3
D14511−14At last sample3.2
D1583−27At last sample3.6
D1692−270.3 months after last sample3.8
D1743−122.9 months after last sample4.2
D18530−240.4 months after last sample4.9
  • Seroconverted children (S1–S5 and S7–S10) were sampled starting before or at the time of the appearance of autoantibodies (seroconversion), except for S6, who was seropositive since the beginning of the follow-up. Case subjects S3, S6, S7, and S10 progressed to T1D, and the other six did not. The remaining 18 children (D1–18) were all sampled starting after seroconversion, and all progressed to diabetes (D1–18). See Supplementary Table 1 for more information on the case subjects and their matched control subjects.

  • D, T1D progressors; NA, not applicable; S, seroconverted children.