Table 2

Association of sAF and potential confounders with macrosomia, assessed by multivariate logistic regression (n = 322; 41 with macrosomia vs. 281 without macrosomia)

sAF (for 1-AU increase)4.131.46–11.710.0075
Weeks of amenorrhea at sAF measurement0.960.90–1.020.17
Age of mother1.060.98–1.150.15
SBP (mmHg)1.010.97–1.040.73
DBP (mmHg)0.990.95–1.020.51
BMI before pregnancy0.980.93–1.040.51
Type of diabetes
 Late GDMReference0.05
 Early GDM1.210.47–3.09
Family history of diabetes
Sex of newborn
Weeks of gestation at delivery1.220.95–1.570.12