Table 2

Baseline association between the genetic risk score and CAD risk factors

β95% CIP
BMI, kg/m2−0.029−0.319, 0.2610.845
Waist circumference, cm0.071−0.583, 0.7240.832
Fasting glucose, mmol/L0.0070.014, 0.0280.507
LDLc, mmol/L0.0940.055, 0.133<0.001
HDLc, mmol/L#0.9910.980, 1.0010.090
TG, mmol/L#1.0170.994, 1.0410.157
SBP, mmHg0.544−0.107, 1.1970.102
DBP, mmHg0.5240.094, 0.9530.017
CRP, mg/dL#1.0290.982, 1.0770.230
tPA, ng/mL#0.9960.980, 1.0140.694
Fibrinogen, μmol/L0.039−0.077, 0.1540.511
  • Each CRF represents a separate general linear model on the association between baseline risk factor levels and the increment of 10 risk alleles in the PRS. P value derived by general linear model adjusted for age at randomization, sex, and PCs ancestry markers.

  • # Regression coefficients for natural log–transformed CRFs are expressed as exp(β) differences in baseline risk factor levels.