Table 5

Interaction between CAD PRS and intervention group on 1-year change in CAD risk factors

CRFILS vs. PBO PinteractionMET vs. PBO Pinteraction
BMI, kg/m20.6170.807
Waist circumference, cm0.6700.787
Fasting glucose, mmol/L#0.1810.394
Diabetes risk0.1660.198
LDLc, mmol/L0.9050.395
HDLc, mmol/L0.4860.586
TG, mmol/L#0.6490.838
SBP, mmHg0.9520.157
DBP, mmHg0.3480.818
CRP, mg/dL#0.7450.285
tPA, ng/mL0.4700.800
Fibrinogen, ╬╝mol/L0.6870.982
  • Values in this table represents adjusted interaction P values. Pinteraction values were derived by general linear models with interaction terms for intervention arms (ILS or MET vs. PBO), after adjustment for age at randomization, sex, the top 10 PCs for ancestry, and the respective baseline CRFs. Cox models were used to investigate interactions between type 2 diabetes prevention strategies and CAD PRS on diabetes incidence.

  • # For nonnormally distributed variables, we calculated the natural log year 1 value minus natural log baseline value.