Table 4

FPIR as analyzed by a hierarchical linear mixed model adjusted for age and the number of autoantibodies from 243 children without multiple autoantibodies

Model P value
SNPGene (n)AdditiveRecessiveDominantCoefficient estimate (SE) of FPIR in each genotypeP value of individual coefficient estimateComparison of the coefficient estimates between genotypesP value
rs2476601PTPN22 (237)0.96NA0.97AA NAAA vs. AG
AG 0.000198 (0.000107)0.064AA vs. GG
GG 0.000192 (0.000054)0.0005AG vs. GG0.96
rs1990760IFIH1 (128) 0.000068 (0.000083)0.21CC vs. CT0.40
CT 0.000242 (0.000074)0.0015CC vs. TT0.64
CC 0.000131 (0.000104)0.41CT vs. TT0.10
rs689INS (239)0.200.540.20AA 0.000193 (0.000061)0.0016AA vs. AT0.31
AT 0.000097 (0.000084)0.25AA vs. TT0.18
TT 0.000521 (0.000229)0.024AT vs. TT0.09
rs1701704IKZF4 (125)0.620.430.99CC 0.000031 (0.000165)0.33CC vs. AC0.33
AC 0.000206 (0.000072)0.38CC vs. AA0.38
AA 0.000187 (0.000069)0.0072AC vs. AA0.84
rs2292239ERBB3 (236)0.0240.00750.56AA 0.000620 (0.000158)<0.0001AA vs. AC0.0079
AC 0.000176 (0.000065)0.0003AA vs. CC0.0099
CC 0.000190 (0.000069)0.0001AC vs. CC0.87
rs3825932CTSH (241)0.150.330.20CC 0.000121 (0.000077)0.12CC vs. CT0.15
CT 0.000257 (0.000063)<0.0001CC vs. TT0.55
TT 0.000036 (0.000122)0.77CT vs. TT0.098
rs45450798PTPN2 (238)0.520.620.26CC 0.000086 (0.000232)0.14CC vs. CG0.96
CG 0.000100 (0.000101)0.32CC vs. GG0.60
GG 0.000213 (0.000055)0.0002CG vs. GG0.29
rs601338FUT2 (27)0.430.150.91AA 0.000236 (0.000296)0.43AA vs. AG0.19
AG 0.000576 (0.000193)0.0063AA vs. GG0.60
GG 0.000507 (0.000499)0.32AG vs. GG0.89
Class I HLA alleles
Allele (n)Status (n)Model P valueCoefficient estimate (SE)P value of individual coefficient estimate
A*24 (233)Absent (185)0.110.000187 (0.000054)<0.0008
Present (48)0.000327 (0.000103)0.0011
B*3901 (229)Absent (16)0.280.000222 (0.000051)<0.0001
Present (213)0.000060 (0.000145)0.68
  • NA, not available.

  • †Within each SNP, alleles associated with T1D risk are presented first.

  • P value of individual coefficient indicates whether genotype influences FPIR (null hypothesis is that coefficient estimate equals 0).